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Purchase: 25% deposit to order, balance due at delivery

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Building Specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take from the I order until the time my building is delivered? (Updated 8/3/2023) 

A: We are currently about 3-5 weeks out for new / custom build orders. Standard production is about 4 weeks and if there are custom items like color match and / or special order items it could take up to 6 weeks to complete depending on availability and shipping times. We are  about 1-2 weeks out for delivery  For our in stock buildings depending on our delivery schedule & weather (Please Contact Us if you have a specific delivery date that you need your building by or have special delivery instructions)

Q: I can't wait 3-5 weeks, do you have anything that is ready now?

A: YES! We have a good selection of buildings at each of our shed display locations that are available for immediate purchase. Click Here To View Current Inventory.  

We also have quite a few buildings in production for Spring 2023 Delivery: Click Here To View Inventory Coming Soon

Q: How much do I have to put down at the time of order?
A: We require a 25% Deposit to start building and the remaining balance would be due upon delivery.

Q: What happens next? Do I need to do anything after I complete my order?

A: We will be working on your order and in the mean time we recommend that you get your site prepped for your new building. A level site is necessary, Ideal would be with 4" - 6" of crushed concrete or some other type of crushed stone in order to establish a good solid base that will last a lifetime. Click Here For Building Site Prep Information

Q: Do these come as kits or are they fully built?
A: All of our buildings are FULLY BUILT and then loaded with modern equipment on a hydraulic trailer and delivered to your property using our mule delivery system.

Q: How Far do you deliver?
A: We can deliver State Wide in Michigan Click Here To See Our Building Delivery Zone Map, we also deliver to Northern Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Contact Us For Delivery Cost

Q: How Long Will The Building Last? Is There a Warranty?
A: All of our buildings come with a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty and with the proper care they should last years beyond the warranty period.

Q: What is "proper care" for my building?
A: It starts with a proper site preparation, having a solid level site that stays dry is very important.  Our painted buildings are going to require re-painting every few years in order to keep them looking new.  Our vinyl siding will just require a light washing every couple years to keep looking like new. 

Q: Can you match the colors to my house?
A: Yes, we can custom match any paint color for an additional $125 / color.  We can also match our vinyl siding colors for an additional cost as well.  Please contact us for custom vinyl color pricing.

Q: Do I need a permit or special approval?
A: Permitting rules vary from township to township and some neighborhood associations also have requirements as well.  We recommend contacting your local township to check for any local restrictions. 

Q: I am interested in Rent-to-Own, How Much are the payments?
A: Payments vary depending on how much your building cost, payments can be as low as $93 / month.  Click Here To Learn More About Rent To Own

Q: My Credit History has some dings, is this a problem?
A: There is no credit required for our rent to own option, everyone over 18 is approved.  Your credit will not be ran or affected by a rent to own shed.

Q: These buildings look really nice in the pictures and videos but I would really still like to see them in person, is there somewhere I can do that?
A: Yes! We have 3 display locations, one North of Grand Rapids in Cedar Springs and one South of Grand Rapids Located in Wayland right off of highway 131. And A Location on 66 in Ionia, MI.  We try to keep a model of each style and a variety of sizes and colors to view. All of our buildings are open to view 24/7 and there are catalogs located outside as well.  

Delivery Map & Info


We deliver our building fully assembled to your home using our state of the art delivery trailers and Mule delivery systems.  We must have clear access to the building site with no trees or fences in the way.  Our Mule can go wherever a Truck or 4x4 SUV can, so hills are usually not an issue.

*The length of the building DOES NOT affect its delivery price, only the width*

Standard Delivery Includes: All 8', 10', 12' Wide Buildings (Excluding 12' Carriage House)

Oversized Delivery Includes: All 14' & 16' Wide Buildings & 12' Wide Carriage House


Site Prep Info


Site leveling and preparation is the customers responsibility and Cedar Rock Barns cannot be responsible for any adverse effects an unleveled pad may have on your new structure.

Sites must be level and ready BEFORE the driver arrives with your structure. Our drivers will do their best to satisfy you with positioning your structure but please understand that they are on a time schedule with probably several other deliveries to make that day. Thank you for your kind consideration in this area.

When preparing your site know that we must have enough room to get the building to its destination.  We recommend at least 1' on each side of the building for the Mule to drive it through.  Keep in mind if there are turns the building will need more room to swing around.  If there are any trees or fences in the way they will have to be removed before we get there (Many people can pull out a fence post and move a section of the fence out of the way the day prior)

Minimum Requirements For Site

With pressure treated 4x4 skids, pressure treated floor joist and exterior grade plywood on the floor the only basic requirement for a shed site is to have a hard, level surface. The sheds can set right on your yard or drive, however, the site MUST be level. If the site is not leveled correctly, the doors will not line up properly (this is noticeable from the outside), and will not operate smoothly.

Recommended Site Prep

The best and easiest way to level and prepare a site for a shed is to have a base of crushed stone (unwashed) 4 to 6 inches thick leveled and tamped. It is best to make this pad about 1' larger on all sides than the shed itself. 

This allows for good drainage underneath the shed and packs together well for a good, hard, long lasting pad. Other size stones may work as well, however, if the stones are too large they do not pack together well. Round stones or washed stones like pea gravel are not recommended because they do not provide a firm pad for our delivery equipment.

What Not To Do

Using blocks for a base is NOT recommended, especially on larger sheds. Blocks tend to settle unevenly and furthermore have to be at just the right spacing and location for our 4x4 skids to set on them. Getting them all at just the right place and level can be very difficult, and in addition we will have to move 2 rows of the blocks aside to allow our Mule or trailer to back over your site without the mule / trailer tires crushing the blocks.

Need Help Getting Your Site Prepped?