Rent To Own





No more wasting your time and money on those old self storage units!  With our rental option you can have a brand new custom built to order amish portable storage building in your back yard for affordable monthly payments comparable to self storage rentals.


 Some benefits of our rental option are

  • NO CREDIT CHECK – your credit history is never looked at
  • Instant Approval – Everyone is approved!*
  • Month to month agreement – if you do not want or need your storage building at any point in time just call for pickup and we will come pick the building up and your rental agreement will be over with no additional fees / penalties.
  • Early Purchase Option – Save money by purchasing your storage building before your rental agreement is complete by taking advantage of our Early Purchase Option (EPO)
  • Gain Ownership – Once your last rental payment is made you will owe your building free and clear!  You heard that right, YOU WILL OWN THE BUILDING!
  • Flexible monthly payments – Choose from 24, 36, 48, or 60 month agreements in order to fit your monthly budget.
  • 90 Days same as cash – With the 90 days same as cash option you can have 90 days to pay for your building, if for any reason you need more time you will be flipped to our monthly payment program