Enhance Your Shed with Professional Site Preparation by Walden Design

Enhance Your Shed with Professional Site Preparation by Walden Design

When investing in a quality storage building from Cedar Rock Barns, ensuring the proper preparation of the site is essential for the longevity and functionality of your new shed. This is where our trusted local partner, Walden Design, steps in with their professional site preparation services. Located in Rockford, MI, Walden Design offers comprehensive shed site preparation tailored to fit your needs.

Why Proper Site Preparation is Crucial

A well-prepared site ensures that your shed is level and stable, preventing future issues with doors, windows, and overall structure integrity. By choosing professional site prep, you can avoid common pitfalls such as uneven settling, water pooling, and other long-term maintenance concerns.

Services Offered by Walden Design

Walden Design provides a full range of site preparation services to ensure your shed has a solid foundation. Their offerings include:

  • Excavation and Soil Disposal: Clearing and preparing the area where your shed will be placed, including the removal of extra soil.
  • Gravel Installation: Using 4 inches of 21AA crushed concrete gravel or similar materials, ensuring a sturdy and level base.
  • Leveling and Compacting: Precision leveling within ±1 inch and compacting the gravel to create a stable foundation.
  • Optional Services: Additional services such as gravel for ramps, hauling offsite extra soil, and laying down plywood to minimize lawn damage during installation.

Transparent Pricing

Walden Design’s pricing structure is clear and competitive, based on the size of your shed:

  • 0-99 SF: $900
  • 100-199 SF: $1,100
  • 200-299 SF: $1,350
  • 300-399 SF: $1,650
  • 400-504 SF: $1,800
  • 505+ SF: Contact for a custom quote

Note: Prices include excavating, gravel installation, and site leveling. Extra charges may apply for additional services and locations beyond a 10-mile radius from their office in Rockford, MI.

Contact Walden Design

Ready to prepare your site for a new shed from Cedar Rock Barns? Contact Walden Design today to get started. Visit their website at https://waldendesign.net/shed-site-prep or call them at 616-874-9552. Ensure your shed stands the test of time with professional site preparation services from Walden Design.

By partnering with Walden Design, Cedar Rock Barns ensures that your new storage building is set up for success from day one. Don’t leave the foundation of your investment to chance—trust the experts to get it right.

For more information about our sheds and customization options, visit Cedar Rock Barns.