Summer 2024 Sizzling Sale!

Summer 2024 Sizzling Sale!

Sale Ends 6/25/2024

Sizzling Summer Sale: 6% Off on All New Builds and In-Stock Buildings!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all the fine folks in between, gather 'round because we've got a barnstorming announcement that's hotter than a summer barbecue!

That's right, Cedar Rock Barns is launching a Sizzling Summer Sale, and it's a doozy. For a limited time only, you can snag a scorching 6% off on all new builds and in-stock buildings. Yes, you heard that right. All of our backyard sheds, garages, and cabins are getting the summer treatment. Consider this our Amish factory's way of staying busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony during these sunny months!

The Inside Scoop from the Amish Factory

Our hardworking Amish craftsmen, the unsung heroes behind those picture-perfect storage buildings, are accustomed to a bustling pace year-round. But when summer hits, the pace slows down, and that just won’t do. These folks thrive on productivity and have more energy than a toddler after a triple espresso. So, to keep their hands busy and their spirits high, we’re offering you this special summer discount. It’s a win-win: they stay busy, and you get a fantastic deal.

How to Get Your Hands on the Discount

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I take advantage of this amazing offer?” Well, it’s simpler than an Amish apple pie recipe. Just use the promo code SUMMER when you place your order online, and voila, 6% off your total. Prefer a more personal touch? No problem. Mosey on down to one of our sales offices in Cedar Springs, Ionia, Wayland, or our new location in Stanton. Our friendly staff will be happy to apply the discount for you right there on the spot.

Why Choose Cedar Rock Barns?

If you’re new around here, you might be curious why Cedar Rock Barns is the bee’s knees of storage buildings. Well, let us enlighten you:

  • Amish Craftsmanship: Our buildings are handcrafted by skilled Amish builders who have been perfecting their craft for generations. Quality is their middle name (metaphorically speaking, of course).
  • Customizable Options: Whether you want painted or vinyl siding, a specific color to match your home, or any other customization, we’ve got you covered.
  • Delivery Convenience: Our specialized delivery machine, affectionately known as the “shed mule,” can maneuver your new building right where you want it. No hill too steep, no driveway too long.

Don't Miss Out!

So, don’t let this summer pass you by without snagging a sweet deal on a new build or an in-stock building from Cedar Rock Barns. Remember, this sizzling 6% off sale won’t last forever. Use promo code SUMMER online or visit us in person, and let’s make this summer one to remember with a brand-new, top-notch storage building.

Sale Ends 6/25/2024

Happy summer, and happy savings from all of us at Cedar Rock Barns! Stay cool, stay busy, and let’s get building!


Looking for more details or have a question? Feel free to contact us or drop by any of our locations. We're always here to help!